Learn how steam technology & the most potent ingredients work together in this face cream that moisturizes, treats, and recovers damaged skin in only a few days!

It’s not only what you do, it’s how you vì it. This is a motto I use in life, work và that also lives in my curation philosophy. What peaks my interest in skincare products is not only the raw materials và ingredients that are in the formulabut how the sản phẩm is actually formulated: “Where are the raw materials from, and have they been fermented? Are the best ingredients also the main ingredients?” These are the questions that are always on my mind.

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And now, with Benton’s High nội dung Steam CreamI can tell for sure that the ingredients have been formulated and mixed together in the best way possible to lớn ensure the efficacy of the product. The Benton High nội dung Steam Cream has been mixed using steam technology, and I’m convinced that, because of this, this product is not just any moisturizer, but a great one.

Their complex blend of really high performing ingredients, coupled with the use of steam technology at a consistent 100℃to blend and stabilize them, helps the ingredients work better for you, và for longer too. With this, a stellar product is born: It not only hydrates and protectsbut makes the concentrated ingredients heal and soften damaged, dry, & irritated skin after only a few days of use.

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The main ingredient, snail mucin—proven lớn hydrate and heal acne scars—has substituted water (a common filler in skincare products) entirely in this formula, which is already a great signal of how potent this product is. Ingredients lượt thích hyaluronic acid & glycerin bind moisture khổng lồ the skin so that your skin stays supple and hydrated longer. Niacinamide và bee venom are skincare saviorsthanks to their ability khổng lồ treat inflammation và fight premature agingwhile lightening brown spots. See what I’m talking about? I love how every single ingredient proves worthy in some way.

Thankfully, the packaging has changed in recent years from a messy jar to lớn a sturdy, squeeze tube format that keeps bacteria at bay and allows less exposure to lớn air và light. Also, don’t be fooled by this “drugstore price,” this cream is pure quality. The modest price is just a perk of K-beauty.

Many people sing praises for the all-in-one Benton Steam Cream, from the pages on Reddit khổng lồ the most devoted skincare bloggers. We don’t use the phrase “all-in-one” lightly—this formula willmelt into your skin and make it looks like you’ve slathered more than just a moisturizer. My final advice? Be ready lớn get “honey skin,” which is a direct translation of “Ggul pibu,” a slang that Koreans use to lớn describe dewy, glowing and supple skin.

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