Cập nhật android 7.0 cho samsung j7 2016


Google has officially released Android Oreo for the eligible Nexus & Pixel devices but the Android Nougat still remains the most awaited OS update for millions of Android users. The Galaxy J7, a mid-range offering from Samsung, was launched in the mid-2015 with Android Lollipop và it received the Marshmallow update the last year.

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At a time when most J7 users had lost hopes of getting any major software update, the news of the Nougat update rollout for the devices has taken its users by a pleasant surprise. Yes, the Android Nougat OTA update with build version J710FNDDU1BQH7 is being rolled out in select countries. If you own the SM-J710F or SM-J710FN models of the Galaxy J7 (2016), you can install the Android 7.0 Nougat Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J7 right away.

If you have not yet received the Nougat OTA update notification on your Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016), you can check the availability of the update by going lớn Settings> About device> Software update and tapping the “Download updates manually” option. Alternatively, you can download the official Android 7.0 Nougat firmware from below & install it using Odin.

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Being an old phone, the Android 7.0 Nougat is a really big update for the Galaxy J7 because it brings a whole new experience và features along with the Samsung Experience UX 8.1. Having updated your devices khổng lồ the lademo software, you will be able to lớn enjoy features like-

Faster performance.Improved battery life with all-new power saving modes.A higher degree of trang chính screen customization.Revamped UI & Quiông xã Settings & notification panel.New Doze mode for better management of running in the background.Many others…Screenshots





United Arab Emirates: J710FXXU3BQI8 | Mirror

Egypt: J710FXXU3BQI8

Saudi Arabia: J710FXXU3BQI8


India: J710FNDDU1BQI2 | Mirror

Install Android 7.0 Nougat Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

Now here are the Android Nougat firmware installation instructions.

Backup your apps and data as a precaution.Unzip the firmware zip tệp tin you downloaded from above sầu. You will get a tệp tin with .tar.md5 extension inside the extracted thư mục.Boot your Galaxy J7 into the Download or Odin mode. To vày so, turn off your phone and press & hold the Volume Down + Home + Power keys at the same time for 2-3 seconds khổng lồ boot your phone inlớn the Download mode. Release the keys as soon as you see a blue screen with exclamation sign & press the Volume Up key.When your phone gets inkhổng lồ the Download mode, open the Odin folder double-cliông xã the .exe file to launch it.Connect your phone lớn your computer using the USB cable that came with your phone.When your device is detected by Odin, the ID:COM port will be highlighted (see below).Then clichồng the AP button and add the firmware file lớn it. Since the firmware file is huge in kích thước, it might take some time for it lớn be added in Odin.Finally, cliông xã the Start button lớn initiate the installation và wait until the installation completes.When the firmware is installed, you will get PASS! message in Odin & your phone will reboot automatically.You can now disconnect the USB cable. Since the first boot takes about 5-8 minutes, you need khổng lồ wait patiently.

When your Samsung Galaxy J7 boots up, go through the initial cài đặt và then you’ll be able to enjoy the all new Android Nougat on your phone.