Ford Ecosport Black Edition Unveiled: Key Things To Know

SPEC SHEETMake:FordModel:EcoSport Trend Blachồng Edition A/TEngine:1.5-liter DOHC 16-valve sầu Inline-4 Ti-VCTMax Power:110 PS
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Who would have sầu thought that this tiny crossover would become one of Ford Group Philippines" best-sellers in the country? For a brand that is more famous for having the Explorer, Everest, Fiesta, Ranger và the Mustang, the EcoSport stands out from the rest for quite a few of reasons.

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For starters, it"s as small as a hatchback but is as tall as most SUVs. It"s also quite zippy và agile which makes it ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá in both city & highway driving, not khổng lồ mention those long roadtrips. Indeed, the EcoSport is a flexible jack-of-all-trades that makes it appealing than your average hatchback or sedan.

To further expand the EcoSport"s already massive sầu appeal, Ford released yet another Black Edition version only this time it"s for the mid-range Trkết thúc, not the Titanium. Will it be able khổng lồ draw buyers with its more stylish appearance inside & out? We take a closer look.

From its namesake, it"s clear that this particular EcoThể Thao differs from the run-of-the-mill offerings. The front fascia bears a prominent blaông xã grill along with black-tinted headlights and gloss blaông chồng foglight bezels that give sầu it a sportier look. Also bearing the black finish are the side mirror caps & the 16-inch alloy wheels borrowed from the top-spec Titanium. Paired with the Ingot Silver hue, the blacked-out extras make for a sleeker-looking crossover.


Beyond the dark aesthetics however, Ford did install several new features on the Blaông chồng Edition. These include a rear spoiler và a roof bar for placing additional cargo. Still present at the back is the rear-mounted spare tire carrier which gives the EcoThể Thao a distinct look.

Overall, the EcoSport is still a good looking crossover & it"s quite surprising that it"s nearly four years old now.

Step inside and everything still felt familiar inside the Black Edition EcoSport. Despite its age, the EcoSport"s cabin thiết kế still looks fresh và contempt. Granted, the plastic trlặng used makes for a rather dated fit và finish. The dashboard is a phối of modern and traditional styling, with the controls within easy reach.

Being the special edition model that it is, the Blachồng Edition EcoSport also comes with several extras inside. These include gloss black plastic tryên on the infotainment system, center console and airbé vents, sport pedals và illuminated door sill plates. Subtle these upgrades may be, they vày freshen up the EcoSport"s plastic-riddled cabin.


The steering raông xã is only tilt adjustable but I was glad Ford was able khổng lồ install a three-way adjustable driver"s seat, allowing me khổng lồ get into lớn a suitable driving position easily. However, I wish the it had better side và shoulder tư vấn as I found myself re-adjusting my seating position every so often. Seating at the bachồng, there is ample legroom & headroom for all three individuals. Elbowroom, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired given the EcoSport"s limited width. Luggage space, on the other hand, is adequate for its size.

It has yet khổng lồ receive a touchscreen infotainment system as the EcoSport still comes with the first-generation SYNC. Awash with buttons, it does take some getting used to lớn but it is not that complicated khổng lồ familiarize yourself what operates what. While most may find it archaic, I actually find it easy lớn operate & connecting your phone to lớn the system (via Bluetooth) was a breeze. It also supports AM/FM radio, CD, Aux & USB connectivity. What could have sầu been done better? I wished it had a bigger screen but maybe that’s just me being nitpicky.

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Since this is the mid-range offering, the Blachồng Edition Trkết thúc loses some features from the top-spec Titanium. No leather upholstery here as the seats are wrapped in cloth. Also gone are the power sunroof, automatic headlights, rain-sensitive wipers, automatic climate control, driver"s side arm rest, auto-dimming rearview mirror & keyless start. Despite having less equipment, these are features that one can live without. Plus, it makes for a relatively affordable price tag which I"ll get to lớn later.

Under the hood is the ever familiar 1.5-liter Ti-VCT four-cylinder engine that produces a modest 110 PS at 6300 rpm along with 142 Nm of torque at 4200 rpm. The motor is then saddled to a Powershift six-speed automatic that drives the front wheels.

What is it like on the road? Well if you’re out on the highway, the EcoThể Thao feels spritely and has a relatively smooth power delivery while cruising. Don’t let the ‘Powershift’ name fool you though as the EcoSport has a dual-clutch automatic gearbox much lượt thích its hatchbaông xã brethren, the Fiesta. The result is a powertrain that is not afraid to lớn make use of all available revs although I did find out that most of the engine’s pulling power is at the mid khổng lồ upper rev range. Still, the high-riding EcoThể Thao was able to return 14.0 - 15.0 km/l of fuel on the highway.


Smooth it may be, overtaking other cars on the open road has lớn be done with timing và commitment given the EcoSport’s small engine capacity. Throwing the transmission into Sport Mode (which also engages manual-select) does help since it sharpens acceleration và makes the revs climb faster. Don"t expect to find paddle shifters however as the EcoSport only comes with buttons on the shifter for gear-changing.

On the flipside, the EcoSport felt clunky & frankly quite annoying when driven on stop-and-go traffic. Why? The same smooth-operating dual-clutch transmission suddenly becomes rough at slow speeds. While most (if not all) dual-clutch gearboxes have sầu a tendency khổng lồ be jerky in heavy city traffic, I wished Ford could have sầu made the transmission operate more fluidly. One way lớn eliminate the DCT’s tendency to be jerky during heavy traffic is to lớn allow it lớn move a few meters instead of inching the car forward during bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The drivetrain does smooth out in lighter city traffic as shift shochồng from the DCT becomes less noticeable compared to lớn stop-and-go traffic. As for fuel consumption, expect the EcoThể Thao khổng lồ average between 7.0 - 8.0 km/l while traveling along city and town roads. It could have sầu been better but you vị have lớn remember you are in a high-riding crossover, not inside a sleek hatchbaông chồng or sedan.

One redeeming feature of the EcoSport is its handling. Since it’s basically a Fiesta on stilts, the EcoThể Thao was able khổng lồ dart around corners with ease. Turn the wheel và the EcoSport just follows through in every turn thanks lớn the finely tuned suspension và electronic power steering (EPS). Sure the system does lack some feedback (i.e. roadfeel) but I did notice that its steering felt more precise compared lớn hydraulically-assisted power steering systems. There is also the matter of body toàn thân roll which was no surprise since the EcoThể Thao is quite tall.


As for ride chất lượng, the EcoThể Thao felt relatively alright despite having a short wheelbase. The ride does get jarring when faced with rutted streets but it’s not entirely bad. The slightly firm suspension meant the EcoSport was not as wayward và allowed the crossover khổng lồ travel along smooth pavement with no drama. But perhaps better Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) deadening could be made in the future khổng lồ make the ride that much smoother. But then again, the refreshed model will be out soon so let’s hope it has an overall better ride unique.

With a sticker price of Php 971,000, this blacked-out special is Php 13,000 more than the standard Trkết thúc which retails for Php 958,000. Not that expensive sure but do rethành viên that it"s already knocking on the Php 1 million mark. At this price range, the Black Edition is on par with the slew of new mini seven-seater crossovers lượt thích the Hondomain authority BR-V và the recently-launched Mitsubishi Xpander.

While the EcoThể Thao is still a capable family crossover in the lucrative sầu B-segment, it is starting khổng lồ lag behind due to lớn the arrival of new players that come with more technologies, more space and more bang for buchồng. All in all, the EcoSport is facing stiff competition. Here"s to lớn hoping the refreshed EcoSport makes it local debut soon.