Traffic-carving performance wasn’t the first thing I thought of when hearing the name Harley-Davidson, but the MoCo started changing that perception with the new-in-2017 Street Rod 750. While it is, in fact, based on the Street 750, multiple changes in the thiết đặt & equipment turn it inlớn another animal entirely. Shorter steering geometry, a more aggressive rider triangle và a more powerful engine come together in H-D’s decisive push inlớn the sport-standard market.

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A double-downtube/double-cradle frame cups and protects the engine on the Street Rod, và provides the mount for the radiator and its minimal cowl. Tubular steel members ảo diệu the frame as well as the subframe, và a yoke-style, steel swingarm with a rectangular cross-section finishes off the structure. The revised swingarm was lengthened to accommodate the two-inch tire-kích cỡ increase as well as the increased rear suspension travel of 4.6 inches at the axle. Coil-over piggyback shocks support the rear end with adjustable spring preload.

Beefy, blackout, 43 milimet forks look really cool but come with no adjustment. This isn’t uncomtháng in entry-level rides, so I won’t gig Harley any more than I do everyone else, but don’t you guys think it’s time to lớn start giving us some options here? The giải pháp công nghệ is available. Just sayin’.

We’ve got cast, 17-inch wheels front and rear with a 120/70 up front and 160/60 on bachồng, and the hoops themselves are Michelin Scorcher 21 radials that carry the tread nice & high to facilitate the 37.3-degree lean angle to the right và 40.2-degree lean to the left. Twin-pot calipers bite the dual, 300 milimet front brake discs for plenty of stopping power where you need it most. ABS protection is available as optional equipment, so no matter what school of thought you have on that, Harley has you covered. If there’s a downside to the ABS it’s in the fact that it is non-switchable, so you can’t change your mind later if you’d rather ride without it. Oh well, it is an entry-cấp độ xe đạp well under $10 grand after all.

Probably the most notable detail in the chassis has lớn be the short, 27-degree steering angle and 3.9-inch trail. These are numbers that make the xe đạp trachồng well, but give it a decidedly eager nature in the curves. Does it handle lượt thích a sportbike? No, but if you are considering a Nin-Ja or an MT-07, then this isn’t your kind of xe đạp khổng lồ begin with.

Rake (steering head):Trail:Lean Angle, Right/Left:Brakes, Caliper Type:Wheel, Front:Wheel, Rear:Tires, Front:Tire, Rear:
3.9 in.
37.3°/ 40.2°
2-piston floated front & rear
Blaông chồng, 7-Split Open Spoke Cast Aluminum
Black, 7-Split mở cửa Spoke Cast Aluminum
120/70 R17 V
160/60 R17 V

High Output Revolution X 60-degree V-twin Water-cooled 749 cc engine Torqued boosted by eight percent Manageable power
Harley’s entire Street family runs the relatively new Revolution X powerplant — an iron-sleeved, water-cooled, 60-degree V-twin — & the Street Rod comes with a high-output version that boosts torque by 8-percent to a total of 47.2 pound-feet. Granted, the curb weight tops a quarter-ton by 16 pounds, so we aren’t looking at a stoplight burner here, just manageable power.

The aluminum jugs house sleeve sầu inserts punched out khổng lồ 85 milimet, while the 66 mm stroke leaves the mill significantly oversquare in a departure from the norm for Harley, usually the engines run a 45-degree V with a long-stroke configuration. In another departure, a SOHC replaces the old pushrod system to lớn time the four-valve heads. A 42 milimet Mikuni throttle body manages the engine, và riders can expect an average of 54 mpg. They can also expect khổng lồ pull up khổng lồ the premium pump as the compression ratio also got bumped up to lớn a fairly hot 12-to-1, no doubt khổng lồ wring every ounce out of this next-to-smallest engine.

As for the water cooling, what can I say? I hate the way it looks, but it’s hard lớn beat the merits of the water jacket if you have to khuyến mãi with congested traffic, especially in warm weather. Considering that the MoCo bills this bike as an entry-màn chơi urban commuter, I gotta’ say it was a good move, & the radiator kind of disappears into the black hole of the engine area so aesthetics aren’t a problem at the end of the day.

Engine:Bore x Stroke:Displacement:Compression Ratio:Engine Torque (J1349):Fuel System:Primary Drive:Exhaust:
High Output đầu ra Revolution X™ V-Twin
3.4 in. x 2.6 in.
46 cu in (749 cc)
47.2 ft-lb
4,000 rpm
Mikuni Twin Port Fuel Injection, 42 milimet bore
Gear, 36/68 ratio
Blaông chồng two-into-one exhaust

The base-mã sản phẩm Street Rod will run you $8,699 in Vivid Black, và the paint department color choices on tap for $8,994. ABS will mix you baông chồng $750, & the security option is another $395. Sorry California, as usual you get stuck with a $50 emissions package on top of it all.

Model ID:XG750A
└ 2017:Vivid Black, Charcoal Denim, Olive sầu Gold
└ 2018:Vivid Blachồng, Olive Gold, Red Iron Denim, Electric Blue, Bonneville Salt Denim
└ 2019:Vivid Black, Industrial Gray Denyên, Twisted Cherry, Rugged Gold Denyên, Bonneville Salternative text Denim
└ 2020:Vivid Blaông xã, River Rochồng Gray Denim, Stone Washed White Pearl, Performance Orange
Price:Vivid Black: $8,699, Màu sắc $8,994

Harley veered further into the café lane with the thiết kế of its Street Rod, so I figured I should grab another café-tastic machine and I think Ducati’s Café Racer from its Scrambler lineup fits the bill quite nicely.

Ducati Scrambler Café Racer

The aesthetics are there on the Scrambler Café Racer. The Ducati hits many of the same kiến thiết points as Harley even though the overall panache is quite different. The tốc độ tail và bullet fairings are constant across the board, same with the teardrop tank, but Ducati really sells the racetraông xã look with numbered sideplates.

Frame construction is markedly different as the Duc uses an exposed Trellis structure while the Street Rod has a more traditional downtube-and-cradle skeleton, và the impact it has on the overall look is marked. The Ducati looks much more modern with its stressed-engine design, that’s for sure, but there’s a reason the downtube frames persist; they get the job done. The Street Rod rolls with a Mustang-style saddle that sports very little padding for your passenger, but Ducati blessed its entry with a fullish pillion pad that can be hidden beneath a small tail fairing for that solo look.

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An 803 cc L-twin engine powers the Scrambler, so it’s a trifle larger than the H-D Street Rod. In spite of that, the power figures are close with Ducati on top at 49 pound-feet of grunt versus 47 pound-feet from the Street. In other words, if you were counting on a power difference lớn Cosplay your mind between these two, you’re going khổng lồ have sầu lớn pichồng another metric. Price might just vì it for ya’ though since the $8,699 Street Rod slides in well under the $11,995 starting price on the Scrambler.

Read our full Review of the Ducati Scrambler Café Racer.

He Said

“Cool enough I guess. I’m not exactly a fan of the Street family of bikes, and feel lượt thích Eric Buell tested the market (at his peril) và discovered that the market really has no room for a Harley-powered sportbike, even with a redesigned engine similar khổng lồ other small sportbikes out there. I wish Harley well, but can’t help but wonder if the MoCo is pushing in the wrong direction. We’ll just have to wait & see how it all works out in the long run.”

She Said

My wife & fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says, "Harley-Davidson was born inkhổng lồ bike racing, so stepping up performance is in their wheelhouse. In 1921, it was a Harley motorcycle that, for the first time in history, won a race with an average tốc độ of more than 100 mph. Old news? Yeah, but it is their roots. As recent as the turn of this century, Harley had podium finishes in the AMA Superbike races with the VR 1000. The King of Paint has dominated the cruiser and tourer genres for so long that a lot of folks forget that they can make bikes that go fast. AMA Pro Flat Traông xã, anyone? Yeah, Indianclobbered them on the flat traông chồng with their Scout, but that doesn’t erase Harley from contention. Is the Street Rod going to lure buyers away from the sportxe đạp market? No, but it’s sportier than anything Harley had put on the street prior và it makes tackling the urban pavement a whole lot more fun."

Engine và Drivetrain:
Engine:High Output đầu ra Revolution X™ V-Twin
Bore x Stroke:3.4 in. x 2.6 in.
Displacement:46 cu in (749 cc)
Compression Ratio:12.0:1
Engine Torque (J1349):47.2 ft-lb
4,000 rpm
Fuel System:Mikuni Twin Port Fuel Injection, 42 mm bore
Primary Drive:Gear, 36/68 ratio
Gear Ratios:1st: 14.272, 2nd: 10.074, 3rd: 7.446, 4th: 6.006, 5th: 5.037, 6th: 4.533
Exhaust:Black two-into-one exhaust
Rake (steering head):27°
Trail:3.9 in.
Lean Angle, Right/Left:37.3°/ 40.2°
Brakes, Caliper Type:2-piston floated front and rear
Wheel, Front:Blachồng, 7-Split Open Spoke Cast Aluminum
Wheel, Rear:Blaông xã, 7-Split mở cửa Spoke Cast Aluminum
Tires, Front:120/70 R17 V
Tire, Rear:160/60 R17 V
Lights (as per country regulation), Indicator Lamps:High beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning
Gauges:3.5 inch electronic speedometer with high beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning, blade key ignition and fork loông chồng, và locking gas cap
Dimensions & Capacities:
Length:83.9 in.
Seat Height, Laden:29.4 in.
Seat Height, Unladen:30.1 in.
Ground Clearance:8.1 in.
Wheelbase:59.9 in.
Weight, As Shipped:497 lb.
Weight, In Running Order:516 lb.
Fuel Capacity:3.5 gal.
Oil Capathành phố (w/filter):3.3 qt.
Fuel Economy: Combined City/Hwy:54 mpg
Model ID:XG750A
└ 2017:Vivid Blaông chồng, Charcoal Denyên ổn, Olive sầu Gold
└ 2018:Vivid Blaông xã, Olive sầu Gold, Red Iron Denyên ổn, Electric Blue, Bonneville Salternative text Denim
└ 2019:Vivid Blaông chồng, Industrial Gray Denyên ổn, Twisted Cherry, Rugged Gold Denyên ổn, Bonneville Salternative text Denim
└ 2020:Vivid Blaông chồng, River Roông xã Gray Denlặng, Stone Washed White Pearl, Performance Orange
Price:Vivid Black: $8,699, Màu sắc $8,994