Hướng Dẫn Lái Xe Số Tự Động Cho Những Người Mới Bắt Đầu Lái Ô Tô

Drive sầu automatic transmission. Maybe you vì not knowPractical guide on automatic transmission of TOYOTA FORTUNER PART 2

Drive sầu automatic transmission. Maybe you vì chưng not know

Practical guide on automatic transmission of TOYOTA FORTUNER PART 1

The oto used lớn guide is the Toyota Fortuner 1 bridge, gasoline engine, automatic transmission. First step on the brake pedal and start the engine. To determine the engine, look at the needle on the screen of the car if the index is 1, that is, the engine is about 900 rpm near 1000 rpm, that is, the engine has exploded, because the oto quiet sometimes when I start again it will reduce the life of the problem. Automatic transmission:• When parking, go lớn Phường và pull the brakes.• If you want lớn run, you have khổng lồ stomp. If you do not stomp, you cannot control the number, D is lớn run, R is de, P.. is thought.• S is an arbitrary mode, or semi-automatic mode.• Combined with the steering wheel there is a number of areas, I can change the number on the steering wheel as well.

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When starting the engine, bring the gear lever khổng lồ position D and the screen of the driving position displays the letter D so you vì not need to bkết thúc over lớn look distracted, drop the handbrake then release the brake foot, the oto will automatically next. On the sidelines, give the turn signal. Right now, the right leg must completely skip over the gas pedal because the road is empty, and the tight road is when I keep checking the foot in the winning position.

The speedometer is 1000 rpm which is equivalent to lớn the speed of 40km / h. xuất hiện the map on the oto to lớn see the current distance allowed by the rules, we run at the tốc độ allowed.

The driving principle is to look ahead, to lớn observe sầu from afar. Sometimes a few minutes, the rearview mirror glances right, left, in the oto. When running on the road, always keep my eyes on the right to lớn observe sầu the sign.

The technique goes up the slope, so the throttle is magical, if the throttle is too heavy, I have sầu nothing but the next person will be very uncomfortable và when so down. If you keep the throttle always, when going up the slope it will dance 1 và when you go downhill it also dumps 1, those 2 resonate with each other, the person sitting next to it will be very uncomfortable.

The posture of steering wheel has many ways, when traveling on a long road, adjust the driving position to sit comfortably. The first step in the car is lớn adjust the seat so that I can feel comfortable, my hvà sitting comfortably. Because when I sit too cthua in the sự kiện of an incident, my reflexes will not work, & sitting too far, it will not handle correctly. As for the steering wheel, how can I feel comfortable, but my personal experience is khổng lồ follow the 10h15 style because the left h& is the main steering wheel và the right h& has to lớn drive the horn lớn adjust the horn and can adjust some buttons on the steering wheel. , when the right hvà drives the main, the left h& can edit the volume up và down buttons.

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When there is a red light, we brake và control the gear lever lớn position N, which is a place without a number, even if we let go of the brake and when we step on the accelerator, the oto will not move sầu. On automatic transmission there are 2 positions without numbers are N & Phường, but N is different from P.. in place where N is an intermediate number meaning that there is no number but 4 không tính tiền wheels when I come down to lớn push the car lớn push the car baông xã and forth , & Phường does not have sầu a number but it sets lớn keep 2 active sầu wheels (specifically 2 rear wheels), for example, forgetting to lớn pull the handbrake, it also does not slip và that is one of the advantages of the car automatic.

When de vehicle, the gear shift control khổng lồ the position R, the oto will automatically de no pedal và the right foot will brake when the brake release, the oto continues khổng lồ de, when I de the speed is very slow, when Then look at the rearview mirror on the left and right và turn on the rear camera DVD. When the oto is parked, put the shift lever in position P.. & pull the parking brake.

Practical guide on automatic transmission of TOYOTA FORTUNER PART 2

With automatic transmission, there is only one way khổng lồ run de but there are 3 ways: 1 is running by D, 2 is running through semi-automatic mode S + - (+ is khổng lồ shift, - is to downshift), 3 is khổng lồ run with a number of digits on the steering wheel.

When starting the oto, control the gear lever to lớn D and through S, the screen will display S4 (meaning that this oto has 6 numbers but I can run from 1 to 4 is the maximum want more or increase or decrease then bởi as you like). S4 does not mean that the third is equal lớn 4 but rather it will be triple with 1 because it is an automatic number so it must automatically & automatically understvà that its vehicle is parked very heavily so third topic must be number 1, but does not mean that S4 is a third equal lớn number 4, many people mistakenly think that parking a oto that needs a gear to lớn S4, they think that 4 heavy vehicles are not right.


To drive sầu the car then release the accelerator pedal, the oto will come to the school, the speed of the school comes along with the road tốc độ as if running with D is the same, then cushion the accelerator, turn off the turn signal and start running. If you keep the S4 & bởi nothing else, the car will keep running from 1 to lớn 4, depending on the condition, for example, going up a steep slope, from No. 4 will drop lớn No. 3, from No. 3 khổng lồ No. 2, depending on conditions. but it handles itself, every cycle from 1 lớn 4. However, to lớn let S4 keep driving lượt thích that is the same as D is not good. The semi-automatic mode aims to serve sầu two problems, one is a semi-automatic mechanism, which is the same as the floor number, some people prefer lớn run at their own pace while at position D the manufacturer. will calculate that the oto runs smoothly và economically, but sometimes it does not satisfy the way of some people.

So there will be another way, S4 is controlling the ordinal number 1 2 3 4 5 6 by hand, the oto is coming by itself, controlling the gear until it is satisfied that it is satisfied, for example, in a gear. If you want to lớn overtake another vehicle, bring it to number 4 & padding at the same màn chơi of throttle, the oto will run stronger. S4 can also be controlled on the steering wheel via the lever, can reduce the throttle or hold the throttle & simply change the gear with the number, the car will change the speed. The second feature of the S4, in the case of downhill, is to lớn shift the gear to brake the engine to help the brakes, reduce the brake pressure, and the long downhill when the brakes are continuously in D mode, the oil braking will get hot sometimes will lead khổng lồ an oil tank or reduce the life of the brakes and make the brakes very dangerous when down the mountain. So when you go down the hill, then the gear is in D mode và down the hill, it is definitely at the 6, the car will go very badly, if you want to lớn hold the car, you should limit the braking then reduce the number through the gear or The number of hands depends on the slope of the pass and the condition of the road.