New Hyundai Grand i10 2017 Changes

The New Hyundai Gr& i10 2017 is a minor facelift. This means there is no major change in styling on the oto. It gets a tweak in its styling và some upgrades in features too. It gets a new touchscreen. There is a reverse parking camera as well. The facelift also gets new headlamps, grille and bumpers. There are LED DRLS offered as well. The alloy wheels are also new và get a đá quí cut finish. This makes it a good value for money package và raises the bar further.

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New Hyundẻo Grvà i10 2017 Ride and Handling

The suspension on the New Hyundai Grvà i10 2017 is soft as before và it makes the ride comfortable in day to lớn day thành phố driving conditions however lending it a bit of body roll during sharp turns at high speeds. The clever transmission mated with a capable engine ensures that one doesn’t keep reaching out khổng lồ the gear knob every now & then. The light steering set up at lower speeds aids while driving through traffic congestions or when trying to lớn slot your car into lớn a tight parking spot. The steering response và feel are still areas where Hyundai has got some work to lớn vày & the New Hyundai Grvà i10 2017 needs to lớn match up lớn competition.Also Read 2017 Honda Brio Price and Review

New Hyundẻo Gr& i10 2017 Engine

The introduction of Fiat 1.3 Multijet in India around a decade baông xã transformed the diesel hatchback segment & it has been ruling the industry since. Until now, when Hyundẻo decided lớn shift focus from Diesel Sedans khổng lồ Diesel Hatchbacks offering one of the most advanced & refined compact diesel engine in the New Hyundai Grvà i10 2017. The U2 1.2 CRDi engine is here khổng lồ set new benchmarks in the industry.The 1.2 CRDi Diesel Engine introduced in the New Hyundai Grvà i10 2017 belongs to lớn the 2nd generation of U2 family of engines from the Hyundai stable. It produces 74bhp of peak power at 4,000 rpm & 190Nm of torque at 1,750 ~ 2,250 rpm. It is a very compact engine with impressive sầu output figures perfectly matched for Indian driving requirements. The engine does sover a shudders way into the passenger cabin during ignition và while shutting off. However, we found it to lớn be very peppy & fairly quiet during operation.

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If you are still carrying an impression from the outgoing diesel engine please be advised that the New Hyundẻo Grand i10 2017 is a massive improvement over the 1st gen engine. During our thử nghiệm we were delighted khổng lồ notice the absence of turbo lag and the notorious turbo whistle, something difficult khổng lồ miss on the earlier generation engine.The New Hyundẻo Grvà i10 2017 retains the same 1.2-litre petrol engine that churns 82bhp of power. A five-tốc độ manual & four-speed automatic transmission will be offered. Hyundẻo will continue to offer the Grvà i10 with a CNG option also.

New Hyundẻo Gr& i10 2017 Mileage

2017 Hyundẻo Grand i10 facelift Mileage

Petrol12 km/l
Diesel18 km/l
The New Hyundai Grvà i10 2017 has good efficiency of about 11km/l in the thành phố & about 13km/l on the highway for the petrol. The automatic will return about 10km/l & 12km/l (đô thị and highway). The Grand i10 facelift diesel will have an efficiency of 14km/l in the thành phố, while on the highway it will be about 18km/l. These are figures in real driving conditions.

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New Hyundai Gr& i10 2017 Colours

The New Hyundai Grvà i10 2017 comes in Sleek Silver, Pure White, Stardust, Twilight Blue, Wine Red và one more colour option.Also Read Tata Tiago Price & Review