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Choosing just one $100,000 khổng lồ $150,000 luxury performance coupe is a tall order. On one h& there"s the precise driving but somewhat predictable pick of the Porsđậy 911 or the All-Star-winning 911 S. Then there"s the sinister Mercedes-AMG GT, a less popular but no less worthy candidate. But some buyers may feel lượt thích these German options are a bit overplayed. Enter the Jaguar F Type R, which was just updated for the 2021 Mã Sản Phẩm year. We spent a week behind the wheel to see if its modernized looks & performance and luxury updates are enough to lớn truly tantalize.

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We got the chance khổng lồ sample one such example of Jaguar"s rambunctious coupe, which arrived wearing Sorrenkhổng lồ Yellow Ultra Yellow Paint. As a result of its facelift, the F-Type R has a new face, new lighting, more tech, and a beefier version of its howling supercharged V-8 engine. Whereas the F-Type once looked truly beautiful, the new bodywork makes it appear sleek and modern with a jolt of aggression thanks lớn squinty headlights và L-shaped LED daytime running lights.

In its most recent incarnation, Jaguar"s 5.0-liter supercharged V-8 produces 575 horsepower & 516 lb-ft of torque, an improvement of 25 hp and 14 lb-ft, respectively, over the previous Model. A ZF-sourced eight-speed transmission sends that might & twist khổng lồ all four wheels for breathtaking acceleration. Full throttle rips are met with a screaming, crackling exhaust note that injects a shot of adrenaline into lớn the driver"s veins as it makes peak power at a wicked 6,500 rpm. Throttle response is incredibly linear, so it"s easy to lớn get a feel for exactly how quickly the car will accelerate when the driver squeezes inlớn the gas pedal.

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Full torque is available from 3,500-5,000 rpm, so around town the Jaguar F-Type R is pretty docile, but once it"s in the manual or sport shift modes, it"s easy khổng lồ keep it in the power band & crachồng into lớn blistering acceleration at a moment"s notice. Lift the throttle and a report sounds from the exhaust, goading the driver khổng lồ lay inkhổng lồ the throttle once more to get the rpms baông xã inkhổng lồ the sweet spot. Accelerate. Lift. Repeat. It never gets old.

This Jaguar"s favorite prey is the sweeping mountain road, for the F-Type R is a lairy beast, and a bit more of a handful than its rivals, even with all-wheel drive as a standard feature. The transmission, which offers crisp & hard shifts in the performance driving setting, actually allows for smooth và relaxed gear changes when necessary. The steering weight is on the lighter side, but it gets the job done. Unlike a lot of other luxury automakers, Jaguar doesn"t offer an overwhelming number of drive modes, instead opting for just one fairly relaxed normal mode & a sporty dynamic mode that sharpens up the car"s responsiveness. It also features a toggle for the performance exhaust, which I left active sầu 99 percent of the time the F-Type R was in my possession.

Jaguar also heavily revised the F-Type R"s suspension for the 2021 mã sản phẩm year, bringing over the discontinued F-Type SVR"s aluminum suspension knuckles and also re-tuning the adaptive sầu damping, spring rates, & anti-roll bar stiffness. In daily life, these changes made the F-Type R very pleasant to lớn live with. In the standard drive sầu mode, it"s very comfortable for a performance coupe, but the change lớn dynamic mode stiffens everything up, making the oto feel nimbler & more eager to play. I preferred to lớn drive sầu the 2021 Jaguar F-Type R on big, sweeping curves rather than in super-tight turns at least in part khổng lồ milk the V-8 for its incredible power & noise, but also because its light steering feel was less enjoyable in the most technical bits.

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Despite its glittering yellow paint, the Jaguar F-Type"s looks have matured in its lademo khung, và with our chạy thử oto riding on handsome 20-inch Satin Grey wheels ($1,100), it drew the attention of admirers any time I got out of the oto to lớn piông xã up coffee or to grab dinner.

The slick, stylish interior largely remains intact with soft leathers & upscale metal accents, but the center console is adorned with a bigger 10-inch display. Unfortunately, the screen still uses a version of JLR"s slow and somewhat finicky cảm biến Pro infotainment system, but as I"ve sầu commented in previous Review such as this one about the Lvà Rover Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition, using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto lớn remedies a lot of the stickier issues with the user interface.

Our car came packed with options, but still managed lớn surprise me with its final price of $115,110, which is pretty modest for a well-equipped vehicle in the segment. The most expensive sầu added touch was the SVO Ultra Metallic Paint in gloss finish, which rang up at $4,550. Anyone who"s spent a decent amount of time on the car side of Instagram knows that "spec" is everything nowadays, so premium paint is one way lớn ensure that one"s car stands out on the timeline.

This F-Type R also had a fixed panoramic roof ($1,175), the climate paông chồng which adds two-zone climate control a heated windshield và a heated steering wheel ($1,125), a Meridian surround sound system ($870), Heated và cooled front seats ($800), black brake calipers ($510), the Blind Spot Assist paông xã ($500), and a garage door opener that pairs with Jaguar"s programmable HomeLink system ($225).

Jaguar asks $104,225 as an entry point for the F-Type R. For the sake of comparison, Porsbít asks $98,750 for a base 911 Carrera and the Mercedes-AMG GT starts at a much more expensive sầu $116,895. In this world of European sport coupes, Jaguar offers a tantalizing proposition that is comfortable, stylish, unconventional, & has an amazing exhaust note.

Jaguar did a great job making the F-Type R comfortable for daily driving with all of the necessary comforts to lớn make it an extremely pleasant commuter. The exciting drivetrain takes a backseat when it"s in comfort mode, letting the awesome 770-watt sound system shine while the ventilated seats bởi their thing. In its way, the F-Type is the whole package—maybe the wealthy but not-quite-ultra-rich won"t have such a hard time picking a luxurious sports coupe after all.

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2021 Jaguar F-Type R AWD Specifications

PRICE$104,225/$115,110 (base/as tested)
ENGINES5.0L supercharged DOHC 32-valve V-8/575 hp
3,500-5,000 rpm
TRANSMISSION8-speed automatic
LAYOUT2-door, 2-passenger, front-engine, AWD coupe
EPA MILEAGE16/24 mpg (city/hwy)
L x W x H176.0 x 75.7 x 51.5-51.6 in
WEIGHT3,887 lb
0-60 MPH3.5 sec
TOP SPEED186 mph


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