Lada Xray: Five Years On The Assembly Line XRAY has comfortable và high seating, especially convenient in the thành phố and light off-road.

heated front seats;driver"s seat height adjustment;heated windshield;rain sensor;central loông xã with remote control;glove box with cooling;outer trunk opening button.

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Active sầu safety

ESC function is responsible for vehicle"s active sầu safety. Intellectual system prevents vehicle from drifting & includes some essential safety options:

Antiloông xã braking system (ABS): Maintains control over the vehicle in case of emergency braking;Brake assist system (BAS): In case of quick pressing of brake pedal system automatically increases pressure in brake piping thereby maximally slowing down the vehicle;traction control system(TCS): Allows dynamic start at slippery và uneven surface & in case of one wheel slipping, this system blocks differential;electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) efficiently distributes efforts between axles thereby preventing drift.

Passive sầu safety

Each XRAY has airbags for driver và passenger, front seatbelts with pretensioners & load limiters. XRAY equipped with ISOFIX system & rear doors blocking system lớn make travel for young passengers safe và comfortable. Safe vehicle is the vehicle which is seen on the road. XRAY will never gets lost in the flow, thanks lớn bright LED day-running lights. LED strip contributes khổng lồ the style by lighting chromed front X.

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Ready for harsh conditions

Two-side zinc coating of body outer panels; anticorrosion coating for underbody & cavities; increased up to lớn 195 mm road clearance; efficient cabin air filter; time-proven B0 platkhung - this is reliable chassis, known electronics, thoroughly calculated toàn thân power elements; plastic trims & rubber seals for sills: reliable insulation against soiling.


Three options for powertrains allow selecting XRAY in accordance with own need for dynamics. Engines of 106 h.p. are equipped with manual transmission while the most powerful 122 h.p. engine is equipped with automated manual transmission (AMT).


AMT combines functionality of manual & automatic transmission and is designed for Russia, that is why its performance is not affected by outside temperature. AMT has full functionality of manual gearbox, including engine braking & possibility to get out of snowbank by "pitching". Unlike all other variants of transmission, ATM saves fuel, prolongs vehicle"s service life, và moreover it is more affordable than other automatic transmissions.

Ergonomics XRAY is designed on the principle “the vehicle is my second home”: Vehicle’s interior is comfortable và rational.

Cabin has range of niches and cup holders, pockets in door tryên ổn, pull-out container right before the front passenger, cooled glove sầu box. Trunk has mounting for net và plastic niches behind rear wheel arches. Double floor in trunk compartment and folded seats make even area, thereby making transportation of cargo of all shapes và sizes easier. Backseat folds in proportion 60/40 thereby allowing khổng lồ move sầu big-kích cỡ cargo.