Hey all. I"m having some incredible headaches getting my wireless network to work properly. First of all, every time I turn my computer on or reboot,I have sầu no connections available until I reinstall my wireless drivers. If I wake fromsleep or hibernation, I connect but withan impossible local IP address outside of the 192.168.x.x range, & have sầu no connectivity until I reinstall mywireless drivers.I want to lớn manually configure my IPv4 và DNS settings so that I may have a fixed local IPv4 address.All of this worked without a hitch in Windows 7, but in Windows 8, after reinstalling my drivers for the aforementioned reasons, I must go through the following process in order lớn get connected with my desired manual configuration in place:

1. Reinstall wireless drivers; only NVIDIA nForce ethernet và Virtualbox ethernet are showing in Network Connections, both disabled.

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2. After installing drivers, Wi-Fishows upin Network Connections, but disabled, and labeled either Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 2, Wi-Fi 3, or Wi-Fi 4 (at random). However, I am able lớn connect to a network via the wireless ibé in the system tray. Further, the blue configuration panel where you connect lớn a network labels my wireless network as either Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 2, Wi-Fi 3, or Wi-Fi 4, but it is alwaysdifferent than thenumber indicated in Network Connections. After connecting, the adapter in Network Connections changes numbers, usually increasing by one (or if at Wi-Fi 4, returning khổng lồ just Wi-Fi). The number in Network Connections remains fixed until I attempt lớn manually configure the IPv4 settings through adapter settings in Network Connections, reconnecting through the blue panel,và then the adapter in Network Connections changes numbers. The xanh panel"s numberalways remains fixed, no matter what. Every time I manually configure the IPv4 address và gateway, Windows tells me they each conflict with another adapter"s settings, but allows me to lớn apply them anyway.

3. The only way to lớn get connected with my preferred settings is khổng lồ repeatedly manually configure the wireless adapter in Network Connections & then reconnect to the network until both networks in Network Connections and in the blue panel have the same number. The network in Network Connections is then indicated, properly, as enabled, và I can then manually configure the network and have my settings take effect.

4. Shutting down or sleeping/hibernating result in having khổng lồ start over from step 1 when I wake up/turn on my computer.

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Worth noting: Clicking on the network inhỏ to lớn bring up the xanh panel and clicking "View connection properties" brings up two errors:1. "Error Saving Wireless Profile" - Windows has encountered an error saving the wireless protệp tin. Specific error: The system cannot find the file specified.

2. Windows cannot find "shell:::21ec2020-3aea-1069-a2dd-08002b30309d::{1FA9085F-25A2-489B-85D4-..Spartacus". Make sure you typed the name correctly, & then try again.

I have also attempted installing the drivers in safe mode, but that had no effect. And these are the lademo drivers downloaded from TP-Link"s website. Any ideas on what lớn do? It seems that Windows thinks I have sầu 4 wireless adapters when I in fact only have sầu 1. This is such an unbearable process, I"m going lớn have khổng lồ revert to lớn Windows 7 if I can"t figure out a fix.