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Hawaii to lớn waive COVID test requirement for vaccinated travellers from July 8

Travelling to Hawaii is all set lớn become easier for vaccinated travellers. As per the reports, beginning July 8, Hawaii will kết thúc its pre-travel COVID testing requirement for visitors from the US... More

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Planning to lớn visit the UK? Apply for visa as soon as possible, says British High Commission

All those planning to visit the United Kingdom from India need khổng lồ apply for their visa as soon as possible. The British High Commission in India has asked travellers to bởi vì so, as the UK Visas & I... More


Dubai khiêu vũ Fountain

Designed by California-based WET, the creators of the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Dubai dancing Fountain is located on the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake, and shoots water jet at a height ... More


Thai shoppers are using creative alternatives to lớn carry groceries after plastic ban

After a nation-wide ban on single-use plastic in thái lan was announced, people are giving wings to their creativity & has taken the digital world by storm with their photos. In fact, this move... More


The most stunning cabins in the world

Once you have given this story a read, you would over all notions of staying in heritage castles, plush mansions and insanely huge spaces. Yes, we are talking about going back lớn the wild & emb... More

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The word is out - Samsung Galaxy M51 beats Mo-B in the monstrous 7000mAh challenge

Hello, people of quái dị world! We bet you’ve been keeping your eyes hooked và spirits soared over the ongoing challenge between the mean, green self-proclaimed quái nhân Mo-B và the touted #Mean... More

Indian Railways cancels all passenger trains until March 31; Delhi Metro provides new rules

As India observes Janta Curfew today lớn fight against coronavirus, the nation comes khổng lồ an absolute standstill. Two important developments happened during this time that are bound lớn affect the li... More

The Ffort Raichak

A renowned name in the hospitality sector in West Bengal, The Ffort Raichak effortlessly blends the magnificence of a glorious past with fine luxuries of the present. Constructed on an old fort t... More

The Little Hell Bridge of Peru

Ferrocarril Central Andino, in the Andes, is the second highest railway in the world, after the Qingzang railway in Tibet.

Indian Railways to transform 200 saloons in luxury tourist trains

The railways will be converting 200 saloons into 10 luxury tourist trains in India in order lớn control the use of the colonial era-style coaches, và also khổng lồ increase its income. This time, a cer... More





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