When we encounter a printer error the first thing that comes inkhổng lồ our mind is that our printer has developed some problem itself. However, in some cases such errors can be resolved by making some changes in your Windows settings. One such error is that “Windows cannot print due khổng lồ a problem with the current printer cài đặt.” In this tutorial, we will describe how lớn fix this error message permanently.

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How lớn Fix ‘Windows cannot print due khổng lồ a problem with the current printer setup’ Error Message

The steps we will be describing below are for Windows 10 OS, but you can follow the same procedure for other Windows OS as well.

In the search box type ‘run’ & cliông chồng on ‘Run’ tiện ích.
In Run program, type ‘regedit’ and cliông chồng ‘OK’.


In the Registry Editor, expvà ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’ thư mục.


Inside HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder, exp& ‘Software’ folder.


Inside Software folder, find & exp& ‘Microsoft’ thư mục.


Inside ‘Microsoft’ folder, find và expand ‘Windows NT’ thư mục.


Inside the Windows NT folder, exp& ‘CurrentVersion’ folder.


Inside the Current Version folder, find and right-cliông chồng ‘Windows’ folder and select ‘Permissions’.

9. In Permissions window, select ‘ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES’, then check ‘Allow’ checkbox in front of ‘Full Control’ option. Cliông chồng on ‘Apply’, then cliông chồng ‘OK’.Important Note: Repeat the same steps with “Administrator” or “System” account

Inside CurrentVersion thư mục, again right-clichồng ‘Windows’ folder & choose ‘Permissions’.

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Cliông chồng on ‘Add’.

In the ‘Enter the object names to lớn select’ text box type ‘everyone’ & click ‘OK’.

13. Select ‘everyone’ in the ‘Group or user names’ menu. Chechồng ‘Allow’ checkbox in front of the ‘Full Control’ option. Click on ‘Apply’ & finally cliông xã ‘OK’.

Close Registry Editor.In the tìm kiếm box type ‘services’ & clichồng on ‘Services’ tiện ích.

In the Services window, scroll down to lớn find và select ‘Print Spooler’. Cliông xã on ‘Stop’ links.

Wait till the process gets completed.

Clichồng on ‘Start’ link khổng lồ restart the Print Spooler.

Wait till the process gets completed.

đôi mươi. Now, the Print Spooler has restarted. You can see that the ‘Stop’ & ‘Restart’ liên kết are active sầu again.

Cchiến bại the ‘Services’ window and restart your computer.That’s it.

After restarting your computer, try lớn print a page, the ‘Windows cannot print due to lớn a problem with the current printer setup’ error would have sầu been fixed.

Resolving the ‘Windows cannot print due lớn a problem with the current printer setup’ error is really simple. The process we have described above may seem lengthy or complicated at first glance, but it can be completed in just a few minutes and the results will be permanent.