In case if you are facing an audio service problem stating ‘Audio Service cannot start Error 0x80070005 Access is denied‘ error message when you are trying lớn play some audio on your computer, there is no need to lớn worry. Simply, follow the fixes of this article and the problem will be solved very quickly. But before going ahead for the main solutions, try these simpler workarounds-


1. If this is the first time you are facing this kind of issue with your audio devices, restarting your computer may help you to solve it.

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2. At first, unplug your audio device and then plug it khổng lồ your computer again. Kiểm tra if you are still facing the problem.

If any of these workarounds didn’t work out for you, check out these solutions-

Fix-1 Change Log On settings-

Changing the Log On settings of the problematic service will solve this problem on your computer.

1. At first, press Windows key + R together. The Run window will open.

2. Then, you have khổng lồ type “services.msc” và then hit Enter to xuất hiện the Services window.


3. When the Services window has opened, scroll down and double click on “Windows Audio“.


Windows Audio Properties will be opened.

4. In the Windows Audio Properties window, go lớn the “Log On” tab & then click on the “Local System account” khổng lồ select it.

5. Now, kiểm tra the option “Allow service khổng lồ interact with desktop“.

6. Finally, click on “Apply” & “OK” khổng lồ save the changes on your computer.


Finally close the Services window on your computer.

Try to kiểm tra if you can use the audio device on your computer or not.

Fix-2 Modify Permission from Registry Editor-

This problem may happen if your tài khoản doesn’t have full control over the audio service. To change the permission follow these steps-

1. Press Windows key+S và then type “regedit“.

2. Now, you have to click on the “Registry Editor” which will appear in the elevated tìm kiếm results.

3. Once the Registry Editor has opened, click on “File” on the thực đơn bar và then click on “Export“.


4. In the Export Registry tệp tin window, choose a location lớn store the backup.

5. Then, make sure that the tệp tin is named “Original Registry“.

6. Next, set the ‘Export Range‘ lớn “All” & then click on “Save” khổng lồ save the registry backup on your computer.

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During the process, if anything goes wrong, you will be able to recover your registry.

7. In Registry Editor window, on the left pane, navigate khổng lồ this location-


8. Now, right-click on the “Audiosrv” key & then click on “Permissions…“.


9. In Permissions for Audiosrv window, click on “Add…” .

10. Now, click on the “Advanced“.

11. In Select Users Or Groups window, click on “Find Now” & then select “SYSTEM” from the ‘Search Results:‘ tab.

Finally, click on “OK“.


12. Next, kiểm tra if “SYSTEM” appears in the ‘Enter the object names to lớn select (examples);‘ section. Click on “OK” to lớn save the changes.


13. Coming back to Permissions for Audiosrv window, click on “System” in the ‘Group or user names:‘, kiểm tra the box under “Allow” beside “Full Control” lớn allow full control of the key on your computer.


14. In Permissions for Audiosrv window, again click on “Add…” .

15. Click on the “Advanced“.

16. Now, in Select Users or Groups window, click on “Find Now” & select your username from the ‘Search results‘ box. Now, click on “OK“.

– The username for this device is “Sambit“. So, we have selected it.>


17. Now, you will be able to see your selected username in the ‘Enter the object name to select‘ box. Click on “OK“.


18. In Permissions for Audiosrv window, click on the username you have just added ( For us, it will be “Sambit_Main(MYPCSambit)” ) in the ‘Group or user names:‘,

19. Check the box under “Allow” beside “Full Control” khổng lồ allow full control of the key on your computer.

20. Finally, click on “Apply” and “OK” to save the changes on your computer.


Close Registry Editor window.

You may need lớn reboot your computer khổng lồ witness the changes.

Once rebooted, audio services should be working perfectly again on your computer. Your problem should be solved.