Xe Nâng Tay Tiếng Anh Là Gì

According khổng lồ the dictionary, forklifts in English are often called “Forklifts”. “Lift” means lifting, lifting; “Fork” means more và more.

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1. What is English electric forklift?

Electric forklift is the common name for using electric forklifts khổng lồ sit and drive in English.

Sengươi Electric Stacker is the name of the semi-automatic electric forklift. This type of vehicle moves by human power, while the lifting uses the electric motor.

Counterbalance is known as counterbalance electric forklifts. A vehicle designed khổng lồ work with a counterweight. The vehicle weight is at the rear of the vehicle và the load object is at the front of the vehicle.

2. What is an English forklift driver?

Forklift is a general term for this vehicle. But sorting by fuel used will have sầu other names such as:

Diesel-powered vehicles will be called Diesel Forklift.Running on electrithành phố, the Electric Forklift.Also operated by Gas / LGP.., Gas / LPG Forklift.

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3. What is English hvà pallet truck?

Hvà Pallet Truông xã / Pallet Jack: H& pallet truck

Hand pallet truchồng has many different names such as low hvà pallet truchồng, pallet forklift, manual forklift, manual forklift but in English terms, manual forklift is used with 2 words Hvà Pallet Truchồng & Pallet Jachồng.

4. What is English electric h& forklift?

Electric Pallet Jachồng / Electric Pallet Truông xã / Electric Walkie Pallet Jack: Electric hvà pallet truchồng.

Electric forklifts are forklift trucks whose height, form size và width are similar to lớn those of h& trucks. The difference is that it moves & lifts with electricity, not with hands.

5. What is English forklift?

H& Stacker / Pallet Stacker: Hand stackers

Many people hotline the pallet stacker Stacker, actually this is a generic term. Exactly the hand stacker is exactly the same as the Hvà Stacker in the English dictionary.

6. What is English forklift?

Manlift / Scissor Lift Table / Aerial Lift Platsize / Boom Lift: Lifts

Forklift trucks also have many different names. You can refer lớn the above sầu names.

7. Forklift parts in English


Xe nâng giờ đồng hồ anh là gì?

Fork: The more forkCarriage: Truss, maskMast: Lifting frameEngine: EngineDrive wheel: Loading wheelLifting chain: Chain liftingLift cylinder: Lifting companyLift lever: JoystickHeadlight: HeadlightTurn signal light: Turn signal lightSteering wheel: Steering wheelParking brake: Parking brakeHydraulic system: Hydraulic systemSteering / rear wheel: Steering wheel or rear wheelDrive wheel: Conveyor or drive wheelEngine: EngineTransmission: GearboxAutomatic transmission: Automatic transmissionDrive axle: Bridge moves forwardHydraulic system: Hydraulic systemAir cleaner: Air filterSeat: Driver’s seatClutch pedal: Clutch pedalBrake pedal: Brake pedalAccelerator pedal: Accelerator pedalLifting cylinde: Lifting cylindersTilt cylinder: Tilting cylinder

8. Specifications on forklifts

Power type: Engine typeRated capacity: Maximum lifting capacityLoad center: Center of the loadLift height: The height of the liftFork dimension: The more the dimension isOverall dimension: Overall dimensionsTurning radius: Turning radiusTravel speed: Travel speedLifting speed: Lifting speedBattery voltage: The capađô thị of the battery