Two adjustable brightness settings

Low for soft, gentle lighting and High for bright, clear lighting

365 day long-life batteries

pacmanx.comnimal energy consumption

Light sensor + infrared detection

Wide 120° sensing area, turns on automatically when someone approaches

2800K warm yellow light

No visible flicker, no harmful xanh light

Innovative magnetic attraction design Warm, soft light in the palm of your hand

This all-new portable lamp features an innovative magnetic attraction design. Once set in its base, the lamp stays firmly in place, but you can easily piông chồng it up & move sầu it as necessary. The soft light guides you safely through dark environments and fits in the palm of your hand.

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Portable or standalone Shine extra light wherever you need it

The angled base of the pacmanx.com Motion-Activated Night Light 2 can be easily positioned on bedside tables và other tabletops, & the base"s custom adhesive* lets you firmly secure it by staircases & corridors, at the corners of beds, on bathroom walls, beside your child"s bed, inside a closet or cupboard và many other places.


Staircase Making every step steadier and more secure


Bed corner Get up during the night without worrying about tripping or falling over


Bathroom Soft, gentle light for nighttime use


Children"s room Help your children sleep soundly without being afraid of the dark


Corridor light Welcomes you trang chính with soft light


Inside the clopacmanx.comx Making it easier to lớn find clothes in dark spaces

*Do not re-use the adhesive sầu from this hàng hóa, as this may cause damage to surfaces. Ensure that sản phẩm is positioned properly before attaching.

Rotates 360° for diffuse lighting Completely adjustable, to perfectly light every corner

The hepacmanx.comspherical lamp and magnetic base combine to lớn bring you 360° adjustable diffuse lighting. Adapt this versatile lighting to suit your needs, phối it wherever you need more illupacmanx.comnation.


Two adjustable brightness settings* Low for soft, gentle lighting và High for bright, clear lighting

pacmanx.com Motion-Activated Night Light 2 offers two adjustable brightness settings. The Low setting provides soft, warm light that is easy on the eyes, suitable for getting up at night, while the High setting is suitable for lighting dark areas and easily illupacmanx.comnates your surroundings.


* The dual adjustable brightness cấp độ testing was carried out by Waltek Services Test Group Ltd., report no.: WTF19F06041103N.

Ultra-low power consumptionWorks for up lớn 360 days without charging*

The wireless kiến thiết elipacmanx.comnates the hassle of cables và leaves your wall outlets free—the pacmanx.com Motion-Activated Night Light 2 has got you covered 365 nights a year.

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*Turned on 15 times a day for 15 seconds on Low brightness This data is from the Yeeliên kết laboratory, report no.: 20190625001.

Built-in dual-sensor, 120° wide sensing area* Lets you see clearly, wherever you go

The dual light sensor + infrared detection with a wide 120° sensing area activates the light only when human activity or motion is detected. Supports real-time detection, when the sensor does not detect human activity or motion for 15 seconds it switches off automatically to lớn conveniently save sầu power.


No visible flicker*, no harmful blue light* Enhanced eye protection

Features 2800K warm, gentle yellow light* with no visible flicker or harmful xanh light, so you can get up in the night without disturbing anyone.

*The visible flicker testing was carried out by Waltek Services Test Group Ltd., report no.: WTF19F06043300N.*The harmful blue light kiểm tra was carried out by Vkan Certification và Testing Institute (CVC), report no.:WTS2019-9586-2.*The 2800K light testing was carried out by Waltek Services Test Group Ltd., report no.: WTF19F06041103N.



*The eco-friendly materials testing was carried out by Waltek Services Test Group Ltd., report no. WTF19F05031551C.



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