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Sometimes, Windows 10 can be overzealous when it comes to lớn security và privacy features.If your OS insists you need to lớn provide administrator permission to lớn delete folders, here are some quick fixes to lớn apply.

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How bởi I get administrator permission to lớn delete folders?

1. Take ownership of the folder

This is the easiest method & may suit most of the people in solving this error. In order to bởi vì this, you need to:

Navigate to lớn the thư mục you want khổng lồ delete, right-clichồng it and select PropertiesIn the Select user or group page, clichồng on Advanced in order to lớn select which accounts are availableRight clichồng on the folder and clichồng on PropertiesNavigate lớn the Security tab và clichồng on AdvancedCliông xã on Advanced và then cliông xã on the Find Now button to danh sách all the accounts khổng lồ whom permission can be grantedLocate your account from the các mục và cliông xã on Ok and save changes

Need additional info about how khổng lồ take ownership of a tệp tin or a thư mục in Windows 10? Find out more in this article.

2. Use third buổi tiệc ngọt software

You can always try lớn use third-tiệc nhỏ software to delete a file in order khổng lồ delete corrupted files that Windows cannot delete.

Install BitRaser



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